Why Meeting With Different Vendors is Important

by Kenny Scharlatt on 02-20-2015 in From the Experts

Why Meeting With Different Vendors is Important

Submitted by our friends at Enchanting Entertainment

Here's a scenario: You and your fiance are planning the wedding of your dreams.  Every bride has envisioned this day since they were a young girl... and you want it to be PERFECT!  The right flowers in your bouquet, the best dress you have ever seen and most importantly, your closest family and friends all there with you, celebrating and having a great time.  So one of the best questions you can ask yourselves is "what is the best way to celebrate and have a good time?".

The easiest way to answer this question is to research and meet with several event professionals prior to making any final decisions.  On paper, a particular professional might look like the perfect choice for your event.  But after you meet with that professional to discuss your event, maybe you walk away thinking that they aren't a good match for you.  You won't know for sure unless you meet them.  First impressions mean a LOT when dealing with your event and the professionals that you "interview" to make that event a success!

Because, essentially, interviewing your potential professionals is what you should be doing!  If you owned a business, would you hire somebody without interviewing them first?  Of course you wouldn't, because you NEED to make sure that they have the same mindset and correctly fill a need that you have for your business.  When you're planning an event, you have to have the same mindset.  Maybe the photographer doesn't have the same inspiration that you do for your photos.  If you're having a country or rustic themed event, maybe the fancy ballroom isn't the right venue choice...

When it comes to your event entertainment, finding the right professional is CRITICAL to the success of your event.  Our company motto is "We don't just "DJ"... WE CREATE EXPERIENCES!"  At Enchanting Entertainment, we are proud to offer our clients the ability to meet and work with our dedicated Event Representatives to create their dream entertainment package.  Your Event Representative will be by your side from the first consultation until after your event to ensure that everything is the way that YOU want!

Going back to the scenario that we started this blog with, as a young girl, a bride has dreamed of her perfect wedding day.  HER wedding day.  Every clients wants and needs are totally different from the last clients or the next clients.  Meeting with your perspective event professionals will guarantee that everybody's vision for your event "gel" together, which will ensure that your event happens without any issues!

Enchanting Entertainment offers all clients and future clients UNLIMITED FREE CONSULTATIONS.  Our staff will be happy to meet you in person, or for clients that are unable to meet in person, via Skype or Facetime.  To schedule your consultation, simply CLICK HERE.

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